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Bobber With A Brain on Ice 1                        Bobber With A Brasin on Ice 2
FINALLY, You can Guarantee your Baits are at the Proper Depth ICE FISHING:
The Bobber With A Brain can simply be dropped
in the hole by hand, even if it stands up after
the drop, it will tip down and release the line
and place your baits off bottom. Sets Every
time above the sinker, perfectly. You can fish
on and off the bottom at the same time with
two bait even through the ice. Recommend
setting the bait 1 foot and  3 foot off the
bottom as the  water is usually over
three feet deep!




A Web Page Article on Ice Fishing with our Bobber With A Brain ..... By Frank Moff

Although ice is a insulator, water only holds its heat near the bottom. Surface water can get as cold as 33 degrees below the ice the whole way down to about a foot and a half from the bottom. Near bottom temperature usually will be maintained at 39 degrees even in the dead of winter! Most fish feed in the warmer water near bottom during  the ice season.

  Baits range from Minnows to small Maggots. Many jig heads are also used tipped with a Maggot or Spikes, sometimes even Wax Worm make a jig head or fly more appealing! Minnows work very well since they are very lively with a lot of stamina in cold water. Many artificial baits, small lures and cut baits are in a ice fisherman's arsenal!

     Many methods of fishing through the ice have been tried over the years with some success! Off bottom jigging very close to the bottom is the most successful!

Vintage Bobber With A Brain 

Vintage B.W.A.B. on ICE! 

Lets face it how much can you do fishing straight down? The main two things to consider besides the kinds of bait you use are: movement of baits and placement of baits near bottom. 

Also there is a third very important strategy for ice fishing: how can I see or feel a bite or a nibble?

THE BOBBER WITH A BRAIN has simplified ice fishing so much it will send "Shivers down your spine." Our bobber is so EASY to use and so SENSITIVE, that you can walk nearly 50 feet from the hole and not only be able to see a bite, but you can hold your rod and with a slight whipping motion jig your baits a foot off bottom like MAGIC (no kidding!) If it is really cold, get in your car and fish from the road and maybe the vibration from the radio will do your light jigging for you! Sounds far fetched? But in reality a fish can actually feel the vibration of the radio through the line! 

  Fishing through a small hole in the ice can be done in several ways. I usually just drop the bobber sideways in the hole from a foot or two above, with a sinker rig attached! The bobber does the rest, except for you giving jigging action to the baits! Use your imagination and just drop it. Your baits are pre-set a foot above the sinker. You can have a bait one foot and another two foot and fish two levels off bottom at the same time. This double rig is excellent for Crappie or Perch with Minnows or Wax Worms! Try our pre-set hand tied ready rigs, single or double hook, (picture below) they are EXCELLENT! I myself prefer live bait with these rigs! Even small worms are excellent! You can try fishing a third bait on the bottom below a slip sinker! What is really nice is any weight of sinker works! IT'S THAT EASY


Vintage Bobber With A Brain (no top)

These are vintage B.W.A.B. pictures. 

Many improvements since!


Remember, jigging with our bobber is more intense than with a regular bobber. The reason is because the line comes out the top of the bobber to the baits, just the reverse of a regular slip bobber! The bobber,
because of its tilting action when jigging, will drop the baits two or three inches then raise them back toward the surface continuously. This feat cannot be done by any other bobber!

Our Talented Bobber is so versatile that its size can be shortened from 8 inches to as short as 6 inches just by trimming down the rod. The bobber will work exactly the same. Check out these pictures and see how easy shortening the bobber can be! (Vintage pictures.) Because the bobber tilts slightly with a hit and doesn't have to go under, (light hits are very noticeable!) Heavy hits will cause the bobber to release line that will slide through the ball
and magnet and the fish will not even know he is being hooked! DOUBLE CATCHES are common for this reason!


The Bobber With A Brain (very seldom goes under) but will bend from vertical toward the horizontal! Read our REASONS SECTION to get more familiar with
this Modern Day Fishing (Ice Machine.) 


-Frank Moff     Inventor of The Bobber With A Brain!


We would very much like to hear about your Ice Fishing with our Amazing BOBBER!         Always looking for Pictures,

 Testimonials on ICE!


BBrrr Ice Fishing

Crappie Walleye Fishing Rig Dimensions

One and two feet off bottom at the same time with our Hand Tied Fishing Rigs!

A bit of Humor from Tundra Comics:     :o)

Where ya Fishing at Pal??


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