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Change that Hook, Lure, Fly, In a SNAP!

These Mustad Snaps make our Fishing Rigs ready for any style hook, Lure, Fly, you wish to use, 


   Don't know about Mustad Snaps?

 Wait till you try these ! 


Mustad Snap Hook Connector

( SIZE NO. 1 Mustad Snap for sale! )  

"I had a Rainbow Trout on one of my Big Ten Tackle "Mustad" Hook Rigs. Removing the trout BROKE MY HOOK.  Simply removed the broken hook and SNAPPED a new hook on, baited it and was fishing again!"  -Roy M 

Just think how many times you have to tie another hook on after a Catfish's mouth BROKE IT OFF..

Not anymore ...   SNAP A NEW ONE ON! 

Snap Hook Connectors

 One Dozen (12 Snaps) for only $3.00  ! 

Just tie one these snap hooks on your line and then change whatever you want without having to Cut and then TIE every time!  These snap hooks are so light in weight that on the lures we used, we didn't see any difference in the swimming motion at all.

 These are serious time savers when you change your rigging! 

Change Flies in a SNAP!   Change to other FLY or LURE just by SNAPPING them ON and OFF. 


No.1 Size  -  Mustad Snap  -  Very Strong !!

M12 -  Twelve MUSTAD HOOKS SNAPS = $ 3.00
M60 - Sixty MUSTAD HOOK SNAPS = $10.00
NEW!   BUY THEM IN BULK!  (Mustad Size No. 1) 

M100 - ONE HUNDRED MUSTAD HOOK SNAPS ( BEST DEAL )   =    $ 15.00         ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Big Ten Tackle Hand Tied Fishing Rig

Double Snap Hook Rig pictured!

We now have these hook snaps available on our very own hook rigs! If you using No. 2 hooks and your getting allot of BITES, but no fish. You can change to a smaller hook IN A SNAP!  Think about it, you can fish a rig with a size 6 hook on the top, and size 8 hook on the bottom. You can even put a bottom treble on baited for Catfish and a normal hook on top with a minnow for Crappie on the SAME RIG!

  Everyone has their favorite type of hook, treble, red, round, square & octopus,

 but now you can use them all on our Snap Hook Rigs !



Ceramic Set Includes

Big Ten Tackle -    Ceramic Sinker Packages: 
( 1 Pack includes - 5 Sinkers & 5 Swivels)

CSP1  -    ONE - Ceramic Sinkers and Swivels Pack -  $4.00

CSP2  -   TWO -   Ceramic Sinkers and Swivels Packs -  $7.00


 Big Ten Tackle's    HAND TIED   Fishing Rigs:

Hand Tied SNAP HOOK RIGS  -  Single Snap means only ONE Hook can be snapped on!


ONE Single Snap Hook Rig  =  $1.75


FOUR Single Snap Hook Rigs  =  $6.00

15 # test line on Single Rig - Mustad Snap Size No. 1


  Double Snap Hooks means you can snap TWO HOOKS ON!

ONE Double (2) Snap Hook Rig  =  $2.30


THREE Double (2) Snap Hook Rigs  =  $6.00

15 # test line on Double Rig - Mustad Snap Sizes No. 1


Buy Our Mustads Snaps and Swivels


Like to order by phone call 1-724-537-8809. From 10 am to 10 pm -7 days a week!
Please feel free to place a order by voice, leave a message with your name and number to have any product questions answered also! 
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  Visa Mastercard Discover American Express & PAY PAL too.

Orders are shipped daily but allow 5 to 10 days to receive order!

Shipping & Handling in the USA only $7.00  --  Rush Shipping $15.00  --  Overseas from USA, Only $20.00.. 

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