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New Footage - Big Ten Tackle   


"2 AGAIN" from Big Ten Tackle!  (30 Seconds) 


"Inside the World of Bobber fishing!"   VIDEO Click Here!  

BUCKEYE ANGLER TV SHOW   Episode #9   2012

Watch the inventor catch a fish - on the FIRST CAST in 30 SECONDS !!     Listen to the Show hosts reaction !!


THE BOBBER WITH A BRAIN!  - It's Common Sense !

More Fish live Near the Bottom.   MORE ACTION, BIGGER FISH   --  FIND FISH FAST !!!



Bobber With A Brain In Action!              Why the B.W.A.B. Increases Action!

Pennsylvania Back Country Fishes with Big Ten Tackle and the Bobber With A Brain, 2007.
Shows YOU how the B.W.A.B. works in the water at Glade Mills Lake:
 In 2007 we sponsored Big Ten Tackle's PA BACK COUNTRY on Sportsman Channel.
B.W.A.B.    -     The Future of Bobber Fishing Just Arrived!

This "In Store" video shows you the 10 reasons why you will be fishing the B.W.A.B.


Has Testimonial pictures, Video segments of fishing, and the Inventor talking about how it works!

Check it out ..   <Click here!>


Most Advanced Slip Bobber System  ---  Slip / Lock / Stay !!!


Bobber With A Brain shows up on Only in America with Larry The Cable Guy "Alaska Rode Trip" Episode!

(Video Footage is property if A&E - History Channel,  Notify us if you want it removed.)

T.V. Commercial (30 sec)   "A Fisherman's Dream Come True!"

Infomercial used in stores (14 Minute)


Watch Approval Spot from North American Fishermen show   CLICK HERE !!!!

Footage from the Gregg Hutchins Show (Feb 2008)


BWAB in Water News Clip from Local T.V. Station K.D.K.A. Pittsburgh Far shot of BWAB


Early Infomercial to explain in depth the BWAB!

Bobber With A Brain goes on QVC Shopping Network!


Footage from PBC early show

Pennsylvania Back Country Hunting & Fishing Source TV Show!

Complete Show includes Frank's Talk about the B.W.A.B. also Frank and Roy Fishing!

Frank's Talk of how the Bobber With A Brain works and his ideas on fishing with it!

Fishing with Frank and Roy on Pennsylvania Back Country and the fun time we have!


The All Outdoors Show (Web-link) had a talk about the bobber. (Click Here)

They Explain the product perfect without any confusion! THANKS GUYS! 


  Big Ten Tackle having Fun --  "The Big Ten Rap"


"The Bobber With A Brain is one of a kind, A product like this it will boggle the mind.
Places all baits just off the bottom floor, where no Bobber has gone before.
Crappies and cats, every fish it will catch, These Products so good not other product will match.
Fishing made easy for the young and old, So buy it, try it, you'll be sold!"
Written by Frank Moff  /  Big Ten Tackle.


Complete Fishing System Specials:    

Click on pictures to see what the Special includes.           CLICK "BUY NOW" and ADD TO CART !!

This website sells our Smart Tackle product line directly to CONSUMERS through credit card or phone order specials. It is also a distributor link to the manufacturing part of Big Ten Tackle!  Retailer stores, CALL US, we will send you a Catalog, In-Store DVD and refer you to one of our distributors listed on our Distributor Page.

 Every order Includes New Color Catalog to show your friends !

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Shipping & Handling for USA only $7.00, All products shipped quickly !!    (Limited Time)

**  The Catfish Fishing Rigs and Double Snap Fishing Rigs are the same, Both tied with 15 Lb Test line!  **

Specials will contain varies colors of Bobber tops and styles of snap rigs. That way you get to fish the Bobber With A Brain like we do !


  Visa Mastercard & Discover American Express & PAYPAL too.

Orders are shipped daily but allow 4 to 7 business days to receive order!

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More advanced than a slip bobber..


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