Bobber With A Brain
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First off I would like to thank Frank Moff and everyone at Big Ten Tackle for sending me the bobbers and rigs to review. These bobbers are awesome. Below is some information on the BWAB to help you get a better understanding of how the BWAB works. To get all the information and pricing of the bobber visit or

Here Are Ten Reasons this bobber is great.


10. Automatic! ***Simply casting positions single or multiple baits, inches to feet off the bottom without the aid of a line stopper! Regardless of depth, you are fishing effortlessly at a distance you choose near bottom, every cast!

9. Fishes from the bottom up! ***Uses bottom as the reference point, not the top! The bait's distance off the bottom is determined by how far you place the bait above the sinker.

8. Stationary! ***Won't drift in 25mph. wind or medium current! Also excellent for boat drift fishing with or against the wind!

7. Super Sensitive! ***Releases line as fish bites! Only has to pivot slightly to detect a fish bite! Because of line release, this bobber seldom goes under which causes repeated bait strikes and many multiple quick lip catches, because the fish don't "feel" the tackle, just the bait!

6. Multi Level Fishing! *** UNBELIEVABLE feat done for the first time ever by a bobber! Makes on and off bottom fishing possible from casting point of bobber or at any stopping point back to shore!

5. Works Any Depth! *** Bobber automatically releases line until the sinker strikes bottom. Then the bobber pivots, locking the line. Baits above the sinker never touch bottom! Bait suspended perfectly for Catfish and Walleye!

4. Resets! *** As you reel in the bobber, your baits raise with the sinker toward the surface. Stop reeling and your baits are reset of the bottom. Simple, works like Magic!

3. Trolling Action! *** Just reeling the bobber in slowly allows your baits to glide along the bottom as if you are trolling from a boat! The faster you reel the further from the bottom you are trolling. Fun, with results when mastered! This method is fantastic for bank fishing, also when anchored or boat drift fishing! Bass and Walleye can't resist!

2. Vertical Jigging! *** Just a light whipping motion on the rod tip causes the bobber to pivot, thus giving a "dancing and jigging" motion to all baits near bottom. This can be done at any time from the original cat all the way back to shore! Baits will actually jig up and down several inches. Light jig head presentation gives quicker dropping and rising movement to all baits, making even plastic baits look livelier! This product is a Bass Hunters dream and a Money Maker for Professional Bass and Walleye Fisherman!

1. No Line Stopper Needed! *** Only slip bobber that has patented magnetic locking mechanism inside it's chamber. Self pivoting, self locking, it's automatic! This also makes night fishing with a light stick a breeze!

Bonus: When reeling in this bobber, bait and sinker rise quickly toward the surface, this feature makes snags nearly obsolete.

Here is an animation showing the BWAB working:

Bobber with a Brain Animation (NOTE)Please ask before using this animation or any other pictures on this site on another webpage. Thanks

                                                                                                            Graphics Designed by BRANDON KATH

What is also great about these bobbers is you can virtually fish them anytime, anywhere. You can fish them in the day and at night. Simply attach a light stick when night fishing. I also tried using glow tape ad this also worked. You can use them off a boat, from shore, or when ice fishing. You can use them lakes, ponds, rivers, anywhere, all with the same bobber! To see just how well the BWAB preforms against a regular slip bobber we did a test. We took a regular Thill slip bobber and rigged it with a with a nightcrawler. It was much easier and faster to rig the BWAB beacuse there was no hassling with a l ine stopper. We also used a nightcrawler for the BWAB. We cast both lines next to each other. I was surprised to see the Thill get the first fish. It was a bluegill. After a minute or so the BWAB had a strike. It was a good 3 to 4 pound largemouth bass! Once and a while we would miss a bite on both the bobbers, so when setting the hook and missing we would have to reel in the Thill and recast. The cool thing about the BWAB is that you don't have to recast beacuse it resets it self automatically to the changd depth. After this happens a few time you will have to reel in and recast so you can get back to the deeper water though which is pretty obvious if you end up in 1 ft of water. The bites were off and on between the two bobbers. After 30 min the BWAB had a total of 16 fish and the Thill had 8 fish. The BWAB had the larger fish including the 4 lb bass. The Thill had caught a 2 lb bass. Overall I will pick the BWAB over the Thill any day.

When I was testing the BWAB I was using hand tied rigs that Big Ten Tackles sent me. These work really well with the BWAB. My favorite rig had two hooks tied on and a swivel to attach a third hook at the bottom. A few times I caught 2 fish at once and belive it or not I got 3 fish at once! The rigs are made with 10 lb test line, single or double hooks in size #6, and 3/8 ounce steel sinkers or 1/2 to 3/4 ounce ceramic sinkers. I like the ceramic sinkers the best beacuse they seem to cast alot further and straighter then the steel sinkers. If you purchase a BWAB I highley suggest you purchase the rigs with it. The reason being that they are deadly when on the BWAB and they attach with a single swivel, taking away the hassle of having to tie your own rigs.

I fished with the BWAB for a total of 5 hours, not including the test above. The total number of fish caught was around 250. It sounds like a huge amount for a normal lake, and it is, what makes this possible is the BWAB's affectiveness, and presentation of bait. This is why the BWAB is so awesome. I have never seen or herd of anything like it. You have to try it for yourself to see just how great this bobber is. You can buy them at This bobber is REALLY that good! The BWAB comes in packs of 1, 2, or 5. priced at $6.00, $9.00, and $20.00. To get the full price list of bobbers and rigs visit

This huge 68 lb. Catfish was caught using the BWAB! Wow!
Bobber With a Brain
Design 9.0
Quality 9.0
Effectiveness 10.0
Durability 8.5
Ease of Use 9.0
Overall Rating 9.1
Favorite Feature:
Our favorite feature is how the BWAB can automatically set your bait off the bottom at any depth.

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